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Thin Crust Pizza in Middletown, New Jersey

It seems these days you cannot be an Italian restaurant and not offer pizza. Villa Restaurant of Middletown, New Jersey, offers an excellent thin crust pizza.

Thin Crust Pizza

Our specialty is a traditional-style, thin crust pizza, just like they make in Italy. Available in large and medium sizes, these pizzas are sure to please. The large 16" pizza feeds up to four, while the medium 14" feeds just three. Our Sicilian thin crust pizza is called the Grandma Pizza, and features fresh mozzarella and plum tomatoes and comes only in the 16" size.

We offer a variety of toppings, including chicken, bacon, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and much more. If you would put it on a pizza, chances are you can find it in our Italian restaurant.
Pizza with Chicken — Thin Crust Pizza in Middletown, New Jersey
Pizza with bacon and tomatoes — Thin Crust Pizza in Middletown, New Jersey
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